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Skilled Migrant Category

To be able to come to New Zealand as a skilled migrant, a number of requirements must be met by the applicant and any family travelling with him or her.

These include age, health, character and English language ability, as well as work skills.

The applicant must:
  • be healthy
    This is assessed by a doctor, evidenced by medical and chest x-ray certificates for each member of the family coming to New Zealand.

  • be of good character
    Police certificates must be provided, as evidence of good character, for everyone 17 years and over included in the application.

  • meet a minimum standard of English
    New Zealand English language requirements are different for the principal applicant than for the non-principal applicant and dependent children.

Once these requirements have been met, an invitation to apply for residence may be issued if selected from the Pool, provided the claims in their Expression of Interest are credible.

Points are given for:
  • skilled employment - This is work that requires considerable specialist, technical or management expertise, and it is relevant to the recognised qualification or previous work experience.It may have been gained through completing a recognised qualification or through work experience in which this expertise is key.

  • work experience - Points are awarded for work experience that has given the applicant transferable skills that will help them settle in and contribute to New Zealand.
    This is work experience that:
    • is relevant to their qualifications or skilled employment in New Zealand
    • required or enabled the applicant to gain significant specialist, technical or management expertise.

  • a recognised qualification - Points are awarded for qualifications such as trade certificates, and diplomas, bachelor degrees and post-graduate qualifications. Recognised trade qualifications may also include some level three qualifications that meet industry standards in certain occupations. We provide points for these qualifications as they indicate ability to gain skilled employment in New Zealand and because qualified people enrich New Zealands work capabilities.

  • age - Applicants must be 55 years or under to apply under this category.

  • close family - Points are given if a close family member is in New Zealand and is a New Zealand resident.

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    The information on this page is intended to be general in nature and should not be construed as applying to the reader's individual set of circumstances. It does not constitute legal advice. Eligibility requirements and the application of laws vary on a case-by-case basis. Furthermore, Immigration laws, regulations and policies are always subject to change at any time without advance notice.
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