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Entrepreneur Category

To be eligible for residence in New Zealand under the Entrepreneur Category, the applicant must have successfully established, and be self-employed or working in, a business that is benefiting New Zealand.

A business is considered to be benefiting New Zealand if it can demonstrate that it promotes economic growth, for example, by:
  • introducing new or existing technology, management or technical skills
  • introducing new, or enhancing existing products or services
  • creating new of expanding existing export markets
  • creating employment for others
  • revitalising an existing business

The business must also show that it is likely to be trading profitably or that it has the potential to trade profitably within 12 months of the Entrepreneur category application.

Requirements for residence as an Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur may have first applied for, and gained, a Long Term Business Visa or Permit in order to establish the business, and now wish to apply for residence, alternatively they have held a Work Permit granted under another category that allowed them to establish their own business and they now want to apply for residence.

If so, they must:
  • have established, purchased, or made a substantial investment of at least 25 per cent in a business operating in New Zealand
  • have been self employed or, if a part-owner, have worked, in that business for two years before applying for residence as an entrepreneur
  • not have sought social welfare assistance, neither must any accompanying partner or child

Their business is required to:
  • be the same as the one included in the original Long Term Business Visa or Permit application
  • meet the business plan requirements
  • have at least the same level of investment as originally proposed
  • be one in which the applicant has previous experience
If the Entrepreneur has a successfully established business that has been operating for two years, they are able to apply directly for a Residence Permit under the Entrepreneur Category.

Final requirements for residence

1. Payment of any migrant or settlement fees that are owing, and
2. English language requirements must be met by the applicant, their partner and any dependent children aged over 16.

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The information on this page is intended to be general in nature and should not be construed as applying to the reader's individual set of circumstances. It does not constitute legal advice. Eligibility requirements and the application of laws vary on a case-by-case basis. Furthermore, Immigration laws, regulations and policies are always subject to change at any time without advance notice.
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