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For 8 of the past 10 years, the United Nations Human Development Index has voted Canada the best country in which to live and work in the World. This may be one of the reasons that every year, for the past decade, more than 200 000 migrants have settled in Canada on annual basis and have been granted Permanent Resident Status.

Canada strives to attract immigrants across the globe from all walks of life and is tolerant of different ethnic and religious backgrounds. For the most part, one big happy family lives in harmony in the second largest country in the world stretching from the North Pole to the full northern border of The United States of America in the south, and Alaska in the west, with good neighbour relations in all instances.

With a strong and encouraging economy, which has outperformed all G7 nations in 2002, Canada boasts leadership in many different industries and, consequently, there is always a call for hardworking people with dedicated skills to fulfill employment positions on an ongoing basis, often stemming directly from migrants like yourself. These industries include the popular IT and associated fields, together with all the other many and various industries found in any first world country. Canada is a clean, secure and safe country in which to live and work and, in order to maintain this high standard of living and quality of life, the Immigration process is a little complicated. Canada further enjoys no corrupt Government practices and has in place free education and healthcare, increasing an already high life expectancy rate.

Accurate Immigration Services can assist you to determine whether you qualify to migrate to Canada, based upon the points system which was recently adjusted to enable easier entry to Canada. Additional points are granted to those who have higher education, family in Canada or have worked or studied in Canada. With English and French being official languages, extra points are granted according to language proficiency. In all Applications to Canada, the qualifications and abilities of your spouse or partner, if applicable, will be taken into consideration. Special attention is afforded to Business applicants, who are invited to apply either through the Investor or Entrepreneur Plans.

Accurate Immigration Services can assist you to establish whether you qualify for Immigration to Canada under the new regulations. Simply complete our  FREE Assessment  form and your eligibility status will be sent to you via e-mail within one working day, at absolutely no charge to you.

Prior to you completing this Free Assessment you are encouraged to read the entire Canadian Immigration section for your information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), where any questions you may have about Immigration to Canada will most likely be answered.

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